What can we do for you?

Transtrading offers you qualified procurement specialists whenever you need them. You may need a Purchasing Manager to secure better deals, a procurement policy, or response to a tender. Whatever you need we have an expert waiting to help.

Follow Froogal as he navigates you through the NINE POINT process we adopt to guarantee success.

01 Savings02 Service Partners03 Centralised
Transtrading has one simple goal - to save your organisation money. The process starts with our cost reduction consultants analysing your outgoings. From there we bring together the service providers who can deliver the same (or better) products at a much better cost. We have the buying power to secure 'buy in bulk' prices regardless of the number your business requires.We have established relationships with carefully selected, best-name vendors covering everything you need to run your business efficiently and profitably. All have been evaluated, together with their products, for quality and customer service to ensure they are worthy of our platform. Our ongoing evaluation process ensures product selection and pricing is right for you.Our online purchasing platform means it is available from any location and by any authorised member of your team. Centralising your business purchasing means you are able to save time and costs by having us negotiate vendor agreements and consolidating all available products. All orders and spend can then easily be tracked.

04 Control Costs05 Adaptable06 Compliance
Utilising the internal controls of the purchasing platform, you are able to simplify the procurement process. Our expert team monitor your contracts and pricing and negotiate on your behalf. We will help you manage your spend and centralise your billing so you can monitor and limit needless spending.Our platform is easily customised so that it reflects your company brand and is tailored to your businesses unique requirements. Your organisational structure can be configured to match the flow of approvals and spend limits for each department.We negotiate each vendor partnership and place alerts on agreed pricing to ensure discounted products remains effective. You will no longer have to enter into lengthy agreements with individual service partners, we will manage vendor contracts on your behalf.

07 Reporting08 Simplicity09 Support
Our reporting identifies available savings and allows members of your organisation to receive effective updates to assist them to manage their purchasing responsibilities. As new products and deals become available we will alert you of the savings that can be made.Our purchasing platform utilises an intuitive interface. Providing a simple user experience is fundamental to ensuring you can find the products you need quickly. The need for you to do any product research is also eliminated as we vet all available products.Transtrading provide ongoing support for your business. We monitor your service partners, the available products, promotions and value of services to ensure they continue to save you time and increase savings.

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