Procurement and Purchasing Specialists

The Transtrading office team comprises of procurement and purchasing specialists with lengthy experience. These are the people you will deal with on a daily basis and the lifeblood of our business.

We also have a talent pool of experts and specialists throughout the UK on hand to deliver expert advice and professional services.

Jo PavelyDarren DowlingJoanne HackettJames Warren
Managing DirectorProcurement ConsultantAdministration SupportAdministration Support
Jo has worked in global purchasing for procurement organisations for more than 20 years. She knew large companies value procurement specialists and wanted to bring her skills and experience to smaller businesses - and that's how Transtrading was born.Darren is a specialist in Procurement, Logistics and Retail. Prior to joining Transtrading he purchased for a number of large and small blue chip companies, delivering savings to both clients and employers. Today he applies his operational experience to obtain best value and fit for purpose goods and services.Joanne proves crucial admin support to the team. She is an experienced and highly competent event organiser and all round good egg.James looks after our online store, operating systems and so much more. He is also a fantastic photographer and is able to capture the essence of Transtrading's product offering.

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